What Our Clients Say About Heffron

I am the Facilities Project Supervisor for MedImmune. I was the Project Manager for the recent Medical Gas modification project that I am sure you are both aware of. I wanted to take a moment after the dust has finally settled from our shut down activities to recognize the fine employees you have working for you. Phil Miller and Gabor Ferenzci were leading the project and had to deal with a lot of issues that were out of their control due to existing MedImmune conditions. Each time they rose to the occasion no matter the time and effort needed. I felt they had a personal interest in the success of MedImmune and pride in Heffron’s reputation. Each time your company works on a project for me I request that Phil or Gabor be the lead and will continue to do so in the future. I also wanted to recognize Fred Goldsmith. When we encountered our oxygen regulator failure his quick response and commitment to locating repair parts was very much appreciated. Your company was the one to discover a much bigger issue in the current regulator which would have gone unnoticed. I thank you for the quality of staff you send to MedImmune and look forward to working with you in the future.
Facilities Project Supervisor
I just wanted to thank you for the job site tour and lunch last week. It is an impressive job with a tremendous amount of work being coordinated. We appreciated the time you spent with us explaining the job and your company over all.

I want to congratulate you again on your continued excellent results. Heffron’s track record of profitability is outstanding. This is a testament to your attention to detail and careful selection of jobs and owners. Despite the uncertainty on the Sunrise-Fox Hill job, it is good to see you have been able to manage through this well to date. I have made some inquires on the job as we discussed and will pass along any information I am able when I hear back.

Thank you again for spending some time with us. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing our strong relationship. In the meantime, if there is anything you need from us, please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Surety Construction Group
Heffron’s commitment to the project’s success was evident from the day you were asked to attend a pre-construction value engineering meeting. Without the diligent efforts of Tom Sullivan and Frank Weis during the value engineering phase, I believe the project would have been delayed indefinitely.

Throughout the project, Tom maintained a swift and steady pace in driving the field crews and equipment vendors to maintain the aggressive schedule. His commitment to the project ensured the successful delivery of the high quality product that both Whiting-Turner and Heffron expect for the Bio-Tech industry.

Project Manager
The Whiting-Turner Company
We owe Heffron a debt of thanks. Our project has been, to me, the epitome of a real partnership between client and consultant. Your commitment to teamwork and your ‘esprit de corps’ have made it a pleasure to have you as part of our management team.
Vice President for Facilities Management
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
We continue to enjoy the great working relationship with Heffron and look forward to many opportunities that hopefully lie ahead.
President . Principal
Gaudreau, Inc.
I have been meaning to let you know how pleased we are with your company’s performance at NVCC Manassas; especially Tom Sullivan’s professionalism and willingness to work as a team member. In fact, your foreman also worked extremely well as a team member. In the words of our Superintendent Dave Gautheir, ‘Heffron is the Best Mechanical Contractor I have ever worked with’. I also wanted to let you know that the State BCOM inspectors and Moseley Architects were so impressed with the quality of work that they spent more time complementing than inspecting. I’m glad that we had the opportunity to work again on a project in which there were no major issues that ultimately impacted HESS or Heffron. Thanks for continuing to operate a great and professional company and I look forward to working with Heffron in the near future.
Project Executive
HESS Construction + Engineering Services
We just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased we were working with Brian and Ted on the Central Plant Deaerator Project. Brian and Ted are competent, reliable, responsive and pleasant. We hope to be teamed up with them in the future. Thank you for delivering a good project.
Patner Construction, Inc.
Heffron company has recently completed Wesley Theological Seminary for Whiting-Turner. As always, the work accomplished by your firm was excellent in all aspects. Your project superintendent, Don Webster was instrumental in the success of this challenging project.

He is one of the finest superintendents that we have had the privilege of working with on a project. Don came to work everyday with a win-win, positive, get it done attitude. He is truly customer oriented and goes out of way to meet with us to ensure he is doing everything we expect. He is a team player who motivates not only his own workers; he also motivates all the contractors on the site. He is an exceptional leader.

Whiting-Turner greatly appreciates his tremendous effort on this project. We look forward to our continued relationship with Heffron and Don Webster.

Senior Project Manager
The Whiting-Turner Contract Company
When we selected Heffron as a member of our construction team, we did so because we were confident that you could maintain our challenging schedule at a competitive price. You have not only met that threshold 2you have surpassed our highest expectations. Our growing relationship with Heffron has helped us evolve in the search for solutions to our most challenging corporate real estate problem, the development of a full research and development campus.
Human Genome Sciences Inc.
In our opinion, Heffron is one of the finest, best managed mechanical construction firms in the region. Heffron has handled each of its projects in a professional manner and completed all satisfactorily.
Hess Egan Hagerty & L’Hommedieu

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