Human Genome – Area 2 Building B

Owner: Human Genome Sciences
MEP Engineer: Vanderweil Engineering
Duration: Dec 2001 – April 2002

Human Genome Sciences purchased an existing group of buildings from Life Technologies located at 9800 Medical Center Drive in Rockville, MD. The goal of this project was to change the Life Technologies Corporate Office Building (the B Bldg) into a mixed use office and laboratory facility. Since the structure previously only served as an office building all new lab utilities and services had to be retrofitted into this existing structure. The Third floor remained all office space, the Second floor became all lab space – with lab benches and tissue culture rooms, and the First Floor became a combined use office and lab area.

Heffron Company was selected as part of the design assist team and was responsible for the installation of the new acid waste piping and below slab neutralization system, the new lab gas systems and medical grade piping (O2, N2, CO2), the new clean compressed air system and medical grade piping, the new vacuum pump system and medical grade piping, the upgrades to the existing exhaust fan system, the upgrades to the existing Air Handling Unit system, the upgrades to the existing hot water reheat VAV box comfort cooling / heating air distribution system, and the upgrades to the existing chilled water comfort cooling fan coil system. A new mechanical room was constructed inside the existing building structure on the second floor to house additional lab utilities such as the new RODI – Return Osmosis De-Ionized Pure Water System. Heffron Company also installed and coordinated start-up on the new owner furnished Kuhlman Electric Steam Boiler and Autoclave. Heffron also implemented start-up, testing and balancing, and provided complete Turnover Packages for all new and existing equipment / systems. Heffron Company completed this project in 5 months with no jobsite injuries.

Human Genome - Area 2 Building BHuman Genome - Area 2 Building B

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