Human Genome Sciences

OWNER: Human Genome Sciences
MEP ENGINEER: RMF Engineering, Inc
LOCATION: Rockville, MD
HEFFRON PROJECT MANGER: Brian Foster, Tom Sullivan, Frank Weis
COMPLETION DATE: November 2003

Construction of Human Genome Sciences new World Headquarters in Rockville, MD. This headquarters includes 650,000 square feet of mixed-use office and lab space in a three-building, Y-configuration research complex. The principal function of this complex will be the research and development performed in the 280,000 sq. ft. of laboratories (BL-2 containment).

This facility is composed of a six-story administrative building, a four-story research facility, and a four-story clinical development facility. The complex also accommodates a parking garage and four future four-story buildings along with a future second parking garage.

Project Photos

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