University of Maryland Elkton Hall

LOCATION: College Park, MD
MEP ENGINEER: Mueller Associates

Heffron Company was contracted to install new mechanical systems as part of a complete building renovation to be completed during two (2) fast track phases while class is out of session over two (2) summer breaks. During the first phase Heffron pipefitters, welders and plumbers worked alongside core drillers, framers, carpenters, insulators, electricians, painters, drywall installers, window installers, asbestos workers, and housekeepers, among many other trades to install infrastructure to support a new dual temperature water heating and air conditioning system.

Heffron demolished existing hot water convectors, existing mains and existing risers, existing heat exchangers and existing pumps and replaced them with (163) new fan coil units, new mains and new risers on the north side of the building and installed new infrastructure in the mechanical room. During the second phase Heffron intends to work alongside many different trades again to implement lessons learned for the installation of (240) new fan coil units on the south side of the building.
In the mechanical room over the summer Heffron installed two (2) heating zone heat exchangers, one (1) cooling zone chilled water heat exchanger, three (3) dual temperature water distribution pumps and a series of control valves for automatic dual temperature system control. Heffron also installed a complete new domestic water system. The domestic water system included one (1) backflow preventer, one (1) packaged booster pump set, two (2) domestic water heat exchangers, two (2) zone mixing valves and four (4) water meters. Heffron installed domestic water risers throughout the building as well.

Project Photos

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