Avalon Pharmaceuticals – Building No. 1

Owner: Avalon Pharmaceuticals
Engineer: Obrien Atkins
Duration: August 2002 – April 2003

Avalon Pharmaceuticals entered into a multiple year lease at an existing 2 story office building in the Senaca Meadows Corporate Center in Germantown, MD. Working with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Heffron Company was selected to help convert the existing 55,000 sq. ft. office space into a mixed use Office and Research and Development Lab facility. Heffron Company met with Whiting-Turner and the Architect and Engineering Team of Obrien Atkins (North Carolina) to value engineer and redesign certain mechanical and plumbing system so that the job progressed and came within budget and time constraints.

As part of the design assist team, Heffron Company was responsible for the installation of all new mechanical and plumbing systems.

The Plumbing System contains traditional Storm, Waste, Vent, Potable Hot Water (Generated by a PVI Natural Gas Hot Water Heater) and city Potable Cold Water systems. Heffron Company also installed a Lab Waste and Vent System. The Lab Waste is treated by a Schier Super Diluter Acid Neutralization (limestone chip) system. The system is comprised of buried fused polypropylene pipe and mechanical joined polypropylene pipe above ground. The Lab Plumbing System is served by Non-Potable Cold Water (City) and Non-Potable Hot Water Generated by a PVI Natural Gas Hot Water Heater located in the mechanical room in the Penthouse. The lab plumbing system also includes a RODI – Return Osmosis Deionized Water (Pure-Water) generation and distribution system. The plumbing system also contains various lab gas distribution systems for Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Compressed Air.

Avalon Pharmaceuticals - Building No. 1Avalon Pharmaceuticals - Building No. 1Avalon Pharmaceuticals - Building No. 1

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