Owner: Manekin Trust
Engineer: Kibart Engineers
Duration: March 1998 – Nov 1998 ( 8 months)

Genvec is intensely involved in Heart Disease Gene Therapy. Their scientists are on the verge of a major breakthrough. There was an immediate need for larger facilities utilizing state of the art mechanical equipment. The experiment species required special environmental conditions with redundancy for safety and reliability. The scientist could not afford to loose key specimen during these critical experimental stages.

Within the facility, there are 18 systems including all lab gasses, 100% redundancy and equipment sized to handle changes per hour. The remotely controlled building management systems allow for 24/7 constant surveillance.

Heffron design assisted the mechanical systems with 100% fresh air, back up control systems and 350 tons of air conditioning in a 35,000 SF space. The job schedule mandated the project be designed, built, commissioned, and occupied in 8 months. The job was totally successful and Heffron is presently assisting to manage the mechanical systems on a daily basis.


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