Georgetown Visitatioin Preparatory School

Owner: Georgetown Visitation
Engineer: SME Consulting Engineers
Duration: June 1996 – Sept 1998

Heffron Company worked closely with DAVIS to construct the performing arts and gymnasium building during a very narrow window. Time was tight during school, recess and accelerated during the summer months for school reopening. Each building is serviced by separate ventilation systems with underground conditioned water pumped to each respective mechanical room. Special acoustical treatment and sound attenuation was a critical concern in the Performing Arts Center.

Prior to design, Heffron worked with the design engineer to assess the merits of a central plant to service the campus. Analysis was performed on the central plant versus the operating costs for independent systems in the respective buildings. It was determined the most economical system based on diversity, usage, and life cycle, was independent systems. Heffron helped orchestrate the options and advise the team of the results.

Georgetown Visitatioin Preparatory SchoolGeorgetown Visitatioin Preparatory SchoolGeorgetown Visitatioin Preparatory School

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