Hotel Monaco at the Old Tariff Building

Owner: Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group
MEP Engineer: Wedgco Engineering
MEP Consultant: Thomas A. Gilbertson & Associates
Duration: Dec 2000 – July 2002

Kimpton Hotel Group signed a 60 year lease on the existing Tariff Building built in the 1830’s and owned by the U.S. Government. The project was to convert the existing four (4) story office building to a 184 room hotel and restaurant. The existing building is of significant historical value and preserving that history was of upmost importance. Since the existing building served as an office building all new guest room plumbing and mechanical services had to be retrofitted into this historical building.

Heffron Company was selected as part of the design build team and was responsible for the installation of the new plumbing system for the 184 hotel rooms, the new kitchen and restaurant, duplex sewage ejector, grease interceptors, storm drainage, and domestic hot water heat exchanger. This new plumbing retrofit was quite a challange when you consider the existing building was constructed approximately 170 years ago of solid masonry and staggered walls – nothing lined up. Hats off to John Stokes and Tony Chirichella for a fine job which had to overcome many obsticales. The mechanical room was constructed within the existing building at the basement level and consisted of utilizing the existing steam service to convert to hot water for the comfort heating. We installed a ten (10) stage water cooled Multistack Chiller, chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, and heat exchangers within the existing mechanical room and a cooling tower located on the roof. Each guest room was provided with a fan coil unit with a single pipe and pump for shilled water and a single pipe and pump for hot water.

Heffron Company also implemented start-up, testing and balancing, automatic temperature controls, and sheet metal systems.

Hotel Monaco at the Old Tariff BuildingHotel Monaco at the Old Tariff BuildingHotel Monaco at the Old Tariff Building

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